‘Tap of Love’ – theme of this installation is Red’. The paint splashing out of the structure is hand made into a extension of internal emotions coming out . Just like when a paint makes its own path after falling, emotions are also felt when triggered. Why the colour ‘Red’ ?
Red is basically a very intense colour emotionally, it is a colour of love, passion and desire the 3 elements to create art.
sculpture assemblage : clay and plastic bind together and then painted with mixed media

‘Imagination’ – Flow of ideas oozing out, it happens when the free mind starts to create
without a purpose and only for the love to create art.
sculpture assemblage : Clay model with real egg shell made on a 5 x 5 in. wooden base standing tall at 10 in.

‘High & Mighty’ – Wood sculpture with barbwire and plastic flowers attatched
male: 24 x 14 x 37 in.    female: 24 x 14 x 37 in.
sculpture assemblage : wood,wire, & acrylic sheet

Untitled (wine glass) – ‘Women and wine get even better with age.’
Clay sculpture inserted in a wine glass  and painted with acrylic ,sculpture standing tall at 14 in.
sculpture assemblage : clay, & plastic